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An intimate portrait of Tessie Agana’s life and times
The Philippine Star – March 7

“She started out when she was about six years old, and (she did) ‘Roberta,’ the big movie when she was eight years old. From eight to 14, it was when she made a lot of her movies as a child star.” That was Mylene Richardson speaking about the first foray of her mom, Tessie Agana, also known as the “Shirley Temple of the Philippines,” into acting in a recent virtual press conference. (Read More)

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A book depicts the colourful life of Tessie Agana, child wonder of Philippine cinema
TatlerAsia – February 28

The fascination towards child actors and their impeccable acting prowess is not new to the Filipino audience. Despite being young, Shirley Temple, an indomitable Hollywood figure, was then the gold standard for child actors who could captivate movie-goers. But if we‘re to talk about a child actor, whose success at the box office salvaged one of the country’s most prominent production studios of its time and brought it to greater heights, it was Tessie Agana. (Read More)

She was the ‘Shirley Temple of the Philippines.’ Now a book tells Tessie Agana’s story
The Arizona Republic – Oct. 29

Mylene Richardson knew her mother, Tessie Agana, had been a child actor in her home country of the Philippines. In the 1950s, Agana starred in several Filipino films, sometimes alongside her mother, Consuelo Agana, who performed under the stage name Linda Estrella. (Read More)

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After child stardom, ‘Shirley Temple of the Philippines’ long lived a quiet family life
Northwest Indiana Times – Oct. 18

Tessie Agana was a huge child star in the Philippines who starred in films, often with her mother Linda Estrella. She escaped from mobs of adoring fans, media attention and the red carpet glitz and glamour when her family moved to the United States in the 1950s. They eventually settled in Valparaiso, where she long led a quiet family life out of the spotlight. (Read More)

A Star is Born! Tessie Agana
FilAm Tribune – Oct. 12

Tessie Agana, born in 1942, was a prominents child star actress in the 1950s. She began acting at six years old and quickly made a big name with the lead role in “Roberta.” (Read More)

Scottsdale woman’s book honors her Filipino actress mom
Scottsdale Progress – Oct. 8

The Shirley Temple of the Philippines, Tessie Agana, is the subject of a new biography, written by her daughter, Scottsdale resident, Mylene Richardson. (Read More)

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‘The Legend of Tessie Agana’ chronicles journey from child stardom in the Philippines to retirement in Cave Creek
CITY SunTimes – Oct. 1

Once considered the Shirley Temple of the Philippines and starring in films along side her mother Consuelo Agana (stage name Linda Estrella), Tessie Agana now lives a quiet life. (Read More)

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Philippines movie star has Valpo connection
Chicago Tribune / Post Tribune – Sept. 27

Retired movie star Tessie Agana, joined her author daughter to sign books and pose for photos, following a short talk by Richardson and audience questions. (Read More)

Book chronicles the life of Filipino child star
Foothills Focus – Sept. 20

Not many people can say that they had the privilege of penning their famous parent’s biography, but Mylene Agana Jao Richardson is one of the few. (Read More)

Unveiling ‘The Legend of Tessie Agana’: An Exclusive Interview with Author Mylene Richardson
Chikka Magazine – Sept. 20

In this Community Spotlight edition, we present an exclusive video interview with debut author Mylene Richardson, who provides an intimate look into her upcoming book, “The Legend of Tessie Agana: Beloved Child Star of the Philippines.” (Read More)

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Valparaiso native penned book about child star from Philippines
Northwest Indiana Times – Sept. 17

A Region native penned a biography about Tessie Agana, a child star who’s considered the Shirley Temple of the Philippines. (Read More)

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Mylene Agana Jao Richardson Debut Author of “The Legend of Tessie Agana”
VIA Times – Sept. 1

A book titled “The Legend of Tessie Agana: Beloved Child Star of the Philippines: An Intimate Portrait of My Mother” is by Scottsdale’s Mylene Richardson. The book will be released on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. (Read More)

The Legend of Tessie Agana Beloved Child Star of the Philippines
F Magazine – September

A book titled “The Legend of Tessie Agana: Beloved Child Star of the Philippines: An Intimate Portrait of My Mother” will be released on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. (Read More)

Mylene Richardson

Mylene Richardson

Mylene Agana Jao Richardson was born in Manila, Philippines, and is the sixth of nine children (six boys and three girls) from Tessie Agana Jao and Dr. Rodolfo Jao. Although she grew up in Indiana, her trips back to the Philippines are her most memorable family vacations. Mylene currently lives in Arizona, with her husband Andy, and their two sons, Chapman and Harris.


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